My Work

I take a more photojournalistic approach to photography and therefore will be more like your director at your photo shoot and less like someone there to put you in stiff and awkward poses. I will prompt you to interact with your kids/fiance/spouse in a way that is natural for you, so be prepared to play, run, jump, hold hands, nuzzle up...(kiss).
The time I spend at our actual at the photo shoot is only a small percentage of the time I will be spending on your pictures. Once I get your pictures on my computer I will spend hours editing/cropping/color correcting/touching up that zit on your make your pictures look fantastic.
So if you are wondering, "Hmm...why is hiring a personal photographer so much more expensive than JCPenny?" it is because as your photographer I am more interested in the quality of your pictures than the quantity of clients I can run through.
Here's an example of what the pictures can look like straight from my camera and after they are processed.

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