Monday, May 31, 2010

Bernard and Jeanette- Hemet Wedding Photographer

Here's a sneak peek at Bernard and Jeanette's beautiful wedding yesterday. They are truly an amazing couple- both just incredibly good people. I am so happy for them and feel so, so privileged that they let me be there with them.
Seriously! I know it sounds cheesy. But being joint at the hip with a couple on their wedding day, you get to see how they work together- how they mesh.
These guys have it good.
They are light-hearted. And FUN.
And to me that's what every marriage needs. Laughter and playfull-ness. Again, kinda corny, but like marrying your best friend. (aaaawwwwww.....)
On to the pictures. Their reception was held at the Hidden Hacienda in Hemet, Ca. I have so many images I can't wait to share. Until the rest are ready, here's a few of my favs to wet your palate :)






Tuesday, May 11, 2010

La Jolla Cove at Sundown

Being at the beach in Southern California at sundown is amazing. Taking pictures in Southern California at sundown is like pure heaven for me. The lighting is fantastic, the scenery unbeatable. I love it.
This is a family I recently took pictures of at the coast in La Jolla. It couldn't have been lovelier. The kids were all groomed for pictures and were great for picture-taking but man, were they happy to drench themselves as soon as they were released! It was so fun watching them play together out in the water. They are great kids!!
We got lots of great shots but these are my favorite. Not because the focus is spot-on in every single one or because everything about the photo is technically correct, but because they are genuine. Genuine smiles and happiness. This is what I want to capture when taking pictures.
So I have decided that the pictures I love are the ones that will make this blog whether perfect or imperfect. But I love these and hope you will, too.