Monday, March 22, 2010

Matt and Rachel- Inland Empire Wedding Photographer

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to go to Salt Lake City and second-shoot for my friend and seriously talented photographer, Sheena Jibson. I have wanted to shoot with Sheena for a while so I called her to see if she'd let me come practice with her at a wedding and she was happy to let me come.
The weather in Salt Lake in Spring can be a little....unpredictable. It was beeeeautiful the day before the wedding but the forecast looked a little nasty. 80% chance of rain/snow all day. YUCK. I prayed it would be different but it was determined to be an ugly day that day. All day it snowed this wet and slushy snow and the ground was all wet and it was just....really unpleasant (to say the least).
There were 44 weddings at the Salt Lake City LDS temple that day, but I'm pretty sure none of them noticed that the weather was bad. They never complained. They were so happy to be married that they didn't care.
So, oh well, conditions weren't ideal......but now I know how to shoot in the snow/rain with frozen fingers/toes and wet pants (which I'm pretty sure won't happen a lot here in California).
But every experience makes me a better photographer. Which is why I'll never stop learning. I love what I get to do and the moments I get to witness and capture. It's so rewarding.
Here are Matt and Rachel's pictures for your enjoyment...














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  1. These are absolutely gorgeous!!! LOVE them! What a beautiful couple and the rain was a nice touch! :)